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Fine Art Photography


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Be there lots, get the shots..

I'm older and much lazier now, but when most of these photos were taken, I would take my camera everywhere with me. Work, nights out, walks, I was never without it. Always shooting, even if i was sat watching TV i'd be taking photos of random objects exploring the endless photographic possibilities available with a manual camera and selection of lenses (and later flashes).   It's fair to say I was quite obsessive about photography for a long time. I loved Street Photography and Urban Environment, eventually getting into portraits and people. 


I love how photography is a mesh of creativity and technical know-how. Learning interesting stuff about light, form, shape and how it can be brought out in different ways using good camera technique and a keen eye, was incredibly exciting to me for many years.   


I have always found you get the best shots when you pass a location regularly at similar times. It gives you a chance to see the same scene over and over in varying light and weather conditions and increasingly interesting characters.  Getting to know the corner of a random street between two districts, or some dark alleyway behind houses can be your best friend in photography.  Most of these shots were taken on regular commutes or trips to friend’s houses.   Only a few, mostly landscape, were taken on 'photo trips'.

As I became self employed as a photographer and later retoucher I lost the regular commute and these kind of photos have dried up. I'm sure that's also down to getting older and more interested in other forms of photography.

Yorkshire Photo Restoration - Photo Restoration Service in Leeds
A Photo of Leeds Observatory Wheel

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