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Family Photos in B&W for Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration

Restore old damaged photos

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We digitally restore your ripped, creased, faded or damaged photos, breathing new life into them.

Looking for a photo restoration service?

Restore old or new photos with our repair and restore service. A cut-off corner? Rips? Stuck to the glass? Crease through the centre? No problem, as professional photo restorers we can fix it! So why not get in touch now and bring those old photos back to life!

How does it work?

  • Fill in the form at the bottom of this page to let us know what you need.

  • Use the upload function under the form to send a photo of your print to help us assess the work required.  

  • We will then reply with a request for more information or quote.

  • For each photo print you will receive a replacement restored print of similar size.

  • Further prints and enlargements are available on request.

  • Return postage - £2.99 will be added to your quote.

  • If sending hard copies please ensure you send securely in a hard back envelope.

  • Please do not  send anything in the mail until we've contacted you to discuss your order

  • We may use your photo as an example on this website.

Please note Yorkshire Photo Restoration cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to your items whilst in transit, please ensure you pack securely and are happy with the postal service you choose.

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Pricing and postage

Prices start at £9.99 for images up to A4 size depending on the level of restoration required.

A heavily damaged image that requires intricate parts restoring (facial detail, patterns, groups of people etc) requires many hours work, which will be reflected in the pricePostage is £2.99 up to A4 size. If special delivery is required please ask and this will be added to your quote.

See here for a PRICE LIST.

Click here to find out why using a professional restorer is the best option.

Sending your own scan?

You're welcome to send your own scans, but for us to achieve the utmost quality it is recommended you send your photos, negatives or slides to the address provided. By scanning them ourselves, we can ensure  a good quality starting point to work from to give you the very best service possible.

If sending your own please ensure they're scanned at at least 300dpi.

Yorkshire's Leading Photo Restoration Service

Photo Restoration Examples

Photo for Restoration
Restored portrait photo
Faded Photo Repair
A Restored photo
repaired photo man car women
Photo Restoration for faded photos
A restored photo of a dog
A restored old Photo
A faded photo of a girl
Restored Photo
Damaged Photo of a Dog
faded, damaged photo.
Restored photo from Photo restoration project
Old Damaged Photo
Photo Restoration
Photo Restoration Service
Photo Restoration
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Please use the form to request a quote. Use the upload function to upload photos of your damaged prints for assessment & a quote.  Uploaded photos are for assessment purposes unless you're providing your own scan.

Once a quote is issued and you've decided to go ahead with the work, you will be sent a link to our secure payment page. We'll then arrange for you to send or drop in your print.


We do not provide our working files or digital copies for the user to print from.

All photo restoration packages consist of the photo restoration work and a replica print of similar size (some reduction in the image size may occur during the restoration process) . Your final restored photo will be mailed back to you (£2,99) or you can arrange to pick it up.

Please note, Results vary; the quality of the original photo, print, the level of damage and the quality of the scan we work on all effect the quality of the final photo. It's not always possible to achieve a sharp, bright new image, so in some cases we may reject your submission, offer a different service or give a quality warning in our quote.  On very rare occasions we sometimes have to turn a photo restoration project down.

You must have permission of the copyright holder to produce copies of professionally produced photos (there's usually a sticker on the back of the print) or photos from publications.

Retouching, artistic processing and other extras are available. Please ask when discussing your order.

Yorkshire Photo Restoration

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1. Submit Your Query

Use this form to send us your Photo Restoration query. We will respond within 24 hours.  Use upload function beneath the form to upload photos for assessment purposes.

Upload File

Photo Restoration customer reviews:-

"With retirement I had the opportunity to return to God's county and my home town of Leeds. I had many old photos of great sentimental value which had seen better days and I vowed that I would try and get them restored and display in our new home.
I did a Google search and came across Gareth at Yorkshire Photo Restoration and I've not looked back since - Gareth has now restored several of my old photos and to say I am delighted with the quality of his work is an understatement! Furthermore, Gareth is quick to respond to any enquiries and provides a very professional and friendly service - Google Review"

"I 've just received my project - restoration of a photo and letter over a hundred years old-and am amazed at the results. The photo had practically faded to nothing but Gareth managed to make it look like it was taken yesterday. The letter was so frail and faded it was difficult to read. I can now preserve the originals and enjoy displaying the copies. Great result. Gareth kept me informed during the process even sending me interim pics of his work. A great, affordable service. Thank you. - Google Review

have photos for restoration?  -Order here-

Visit our blog for more information and examples on photo restoring

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