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Terms & Conditions

Photo Restoration & Colourise

All Photo Restoration and Photo Colourisation projects include return postage and a print of same/similar size.  Timescales are usually around 7-14 working days, often much sooner.   Whilst most of our restoration projects produce good results please note that not all photos are fully restorable.  Example, if you bring us the only photo in existance of a loved one whos' passed a away we might not be able to restore the photo back to it's original quality. We will however work with you to ensure the photo is restored to a better standard and is usable as a photo. If this is the case we will issue a quality warning with the quote

We like to work with the original print where possible, it always yields better results as we're able to produce the scan ourselves and use the original as reference.  If however you're unable to provide a print then we will accept a good quality scan. Please consult our scan guide if you need information on how to do this.

We reserve the rigth to reject a difficult restoration part way through the process if we feel the final print won't be up to scratch. We will refund 100% of your fee in thee circumstances.


Payment is required before we're able to work on your images.  We offer a money back guarantee on some images, others we'll issue a quality warning. 

Payment is accepted electronically via the invoice.  You can either hit the PAYMENT button to pay via Stripe or use the Bank details at the bottom of the invoice to make a BACS payment.

Image Quality

We can accept low quality photos of prints or scans for assessment purposes only. Please ensure if sending scans that they are at least 600dpi or 3000px on the long edge.    Working with low quality images results in low quality prints. We reserve the right to reject any images that are low quality.

18+ Material

We've seen it all before, it's neither interesting or offensive to us. We don't mind taking adult images on, be it professional or personally produced. Please ensure copyright laws are adhered to if sending professionally produced images, art work or something cut out of a magazine.

Please ensure any 18+ images are within the law and common decency, anything that even remotely represents something unlawful will be reported to the authorities immediately, including your IP address and any other information provided.

We will not post, use or sell your images of an adult nature anywhere on or offline.


Any photo taken from a publication, or by a professional photographer is protected by copyright laws. As a photographer myself I certianly wouldn't want to infringe these.    By submitting your images you confirm that you have legal access to edit, copy and redistribute the photos.  If you are unsure please ask the image owner.  

We are not responsible for any copyright infringement that arises from work we've done and will redirect an resulting legal situations to the customer.


All customer details are kept in accordance with GDPR.  Payment details are held in accordance with all modern legal standards and managed by Stripe. No payment details are kept on Yorkshire Photo Restoration.


Your images may be used on the website or blog as examples but will not be sold or redistributed elsewhere.

Image Theft

We take image theft seriously and persue every case through legal channels. Do not download photos from this website or any affliated social media pages without consent. In most cases a License must be purchased to legally use the photos used on this website. 

We use sophisicated software to locate our images when they've used elsewhere.

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