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Colourising Photos

Updated: Mar 10

In an effort to hone skills and produce some new examples i've done a range of colourised photos, some of famous folk.

I do enjoy working on portraits :)

Photos with lots of white or black are a tad more challenging as there's less area to colour. We therefore usually tint the photo so the whites look slightly off. uh-huh.

Elvis Priestley Photo

uh-huh. Photo Colourisation
Colourised Photo

I'm not a fan of Elvis personally. Sorry. I am however limited to free stock images, so here go. Elvis in colour, as never before seen... apart from in all the actual colour photos and video of him.

Sophia Loren:-

Black and white photo
Black and White Photo

Add Colour with our Colourising Service.
Colourised Photo

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