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Fix Tinted & Damaged Photo Restoration

Updated: Mar 10

This photo has a nasty green tint and loss of detail with many emulsion cracks horizontally across the print.

To fix this tinted and damaged photo the image was desaturated and recoloured, save for some green left on the car. Many marks, cracks and lines were removed and then a tint applied to balance the whole image. The final print looked great on a heavy high gloss paper.

It was a pretty difficult one to get right but the customer loved it!

We also framed a large old painting via our pals at Yorks Frames LTD. Overall the customer was over the moon, even leaving us a bottle of wine!

A nasty green tint and other problems were ruining this image for our customer.
TInted and Faded photo with damage

Yorkshire Photo Restoratoin restored the photo "much better than I thought thought possible", according to the customer
Recoloured and restored version


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