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Old Photo Restoration

Updated: Feb 15

Photographic restoration
Old Damaged Photo

Over the years we've restored many many photos, our favourites are often the very old ones - especially portraits.

We love to see all the photos that come to us, but we love to give them back restored even more. We've had some touching moments with clients, some of who only have one damaged photo of a loved one and thought they'd lost it forever! It's amazing to be able to help people in this way and it's definitely a perk to the job to see customers so happy!

One of the most diffcult things we've found to fix is water damage. Depending on the

extent of the damage; whether it's over face, eyes, a pattern or any intricate detail, it can sometimes be a case of having to rebuild a large portion of the image.

Another difficult case is photos that have stuck to the glass, or worse still stuck to broken glass! These require a lot of work but generally yeild good results. See example below.

Unfortunately, if a whole face is removed due to damage then it's almost impossible to rebuild unless we have some reference to work from.

When restoring photos we use a variety of programs, with Photoshop and Lightroom being the most used. We also use various plug ins, like Topaz, to give photos the feel we think the restoration requires.

We produce all our own prints in house with premium ink and papers.

Photo Restoration
Army Photo
Restored Old Photo
Restored Old Photo
Photo stuck to glass
Photo Stuck to cracked Glass
Photo Restoration
Cracked Glass Photo Repair


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