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Outdoors & Landscape Photography

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

A few of my favourite Landscape photos from over the years.

Over the years i've enjoyed doing landscape photography as it's pure enjoyment being out doing it. On the other hand it took my a while to get any viewing enjoyment out of Landscape photos. I found them pretty boring, preferring more 'edgy' genres of photography.

Fortunately, as i've aged (like a fine wine) this has changed and i'm now starting to enjoy Landscape photography a lot more and edgy stuff a lot less. There's a fine art to landscape photography, whereas Street Photography is mostly low hanging fruit with some overly dramatic theme, or worse still, photos of homeless people without their consent and then profiting from it.

Getting there, being in the right place, watching the sun rise/fall and the excitement of your shot starting to form in your viewfinder is one of the best things about Outdoor Photography

Here are a few landscapes & outdoor shots i've taken over the years.


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