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Restoring Photos Stuck to Glass

Updated: Mar 10

One of the more difficult photo restoration jobs is when a photo comes stuck to the glass.

Creating a copy poses all kinds of problems depending on how bad the glass is.

The photo below is a prime example. I didn't fancy putting this on my flatbed scanner, funnily enough, so I photographed it. The first issue is that the direction of light causes unwanted shadows and highlights tiny fragments of glass, as you can see below. You therefore need to use multiple lights in order to elimate shadows. You're then left with a copy that looks more damaged than the original so the restoration slope is even higher than when you started.

There are methods to remove photos stuck to glass but I wouldn't recommend any of them, more often than not you'll ruin the photo.

The example below was pretty difficult and had some problem areas in the final print but overall it looked great and the customer was happy, which is the most important bit!

It's always advisable to frame your photos with a mount, that way there's some distance between glass and print and any moisture build up won't result in the print becoming stuck.

If you're looking for somewhere to frame your photos then our pals at Yorks Framing on Harrogate Road, Leeds are the best place to start. Quality workmanship and service with a good turnaround time. They even stock some pre-built frames so you can save money if you find one the right size.

A photo stuck to glass
Photo Stuck to Glass

The photo was restored by Yorkshire Photo Restoration
Restored Old Photo


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