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Photo Restoration UK

Updated: Mar 10

Yorkshire Photo Restoration offers Photo Restoration services across the UK.

UK wide Photo Restoration
Photo Restoration UK

All you need to do is either send in a high quality scan (at least 600dpi, TIFF format if possible) or have your print posted to us at 78 Allerton Grange Rise, Leeds.

Please don't send anything until you've spoken to us via phone or the contact form first.

So why not get in touch about your photo restoration project today? It's rare we can't improve a photo!

Perfect as a gift for family or loved ones! It's always a pleasure to know our clients are happy with their restoration projects.

I've just received my project - restoration of a photo and letter over a hundred years old-and am amazed at the results. The photo had practically faded to nothing but Gareth managed to make it look like it was taken yesterday. The letter was so frail and faded it was difficult to read. I can now preserve the originals and enjoy displaying the copies. Great result. Gareth kept me informed during the process even sending me interim pics of his work. A great, affordable service. Thank you.

Restore old or new photos with our repair and restore service. A cut-off corner? Rips? Crease through the centre? No problem, as professional photo restorers we can fix it! So why not get in touch now and bring those old photos back to life!

We can restore the following damage:-

  • Dirt & stains

  • Scratches

  • Water & mould damage

  • Tears & Creases

  • Missing parts

  • Aging

  • Sun damage

How does it work?

  • ​For each photo you will receive a replacement print of similar size.

  • Work usually takes around 7-14 working days depending on the complexity and volume of the job. We have extra hands available for busy times.

  • Further prints and enlargements are available on request.

  • Return postage costs for any physical submissions will be included in your quote.

  • If sending hard copies please ensure you send securely in a hard back envelope.

  • Please do not send anything in the mail until we've contacted you to discuss your order.

Please note Yorkshire Photo Restoration uk cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to your items whilst in transit, please ensure you pack securely and are happy with the postal service you choose

For Photo Colourisation please see here

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