As of July 2019 GHZ Photography merged with YPR to become Yorkshire Photography & Restorations - Website is currently under reconstruction  - Thanks, YPR.

Please note- Due to a high volume of work and illness we are currently running about one week behind schedule. 25 June, Gareth

Yorkshire Photography & Restoration

All our restoration & processing work is done by hand, we don't use an app or automated software to restore or colourise an image, each image is painstakingly restored by a keen eye and a very steady hand (and a graphics pen!).


Whether you need new photos or have old ones that need repairing, YPR provides a friendly, professional & family orientated approach to imaging solutions.  Maybe you'd like a new business headshot with impact, or perhaps you have an old treasured family photo that has been damaged or worn over time?   Why not get a quote to see what Yorkshire Photography & Restoration can do for you?

Professional photography and digital restoration of old or damaged photographs.

With a variety of services such as portraits/headshots, food & product photography and colourisation, enlargements, repair or just digitalisation of your old 35mm and slide negatives, YPR can cater for all your image requirements!

As a family partnership we possess years of experience as a professional photographer & artist and a media editor  & publisher, so you can be assured we have the expert knowledge required to handle and process your photos.


Professional Photography
We provide creative portrait, food/product and modelling photography services.   Please get in touch for further details and see our photography page for examples.
From: £99.99 per session


Restorations & Repairs

Restore old prints back to their original glory with our restoration package. We can remove stains, creases and tears, sharpen, and add colour.

From: £9.99

Why not breath new life into old black and white prints with our colourisation service?  We will work with you to ensure the colours and style are as accurate as possible, so your photo looks amazing and keeps in style with the era in which it was taken.
From: £69.99


Enlarge and print your old photos, negatives and slides.  We have a large variety of different media, such as giclee prints, canvas and metallic to choose from. Display your memories on your walls and share them with your friends and family!
From: £4.50
Why let them sit in a box to fester? We can scan your 35mm negatives and slides to create beautiful prints and enlargements.  We also provide various digital file packages, so you can archive your precious photos or upload them to social media.
From: £1.99



Yorkshire Photo Restoration

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All phonecalls are recorded.

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We're open by appointment only Monday-Friday 930am-430pm and Saturday until 2pm. Please call or e-mail to arrange a time.


All phonecalls are recorded.

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